Friday, April 23, 2010

Alex Sink: You Will Be As OUTRAGED As I Am

Apparently a video ad produced by the Republican Party of Florida hit Alex Sink where it hurts.

Her (campaign's) reaction tells the tale:
The Republican Party of Florida's lack of respect for law enforcement officers and their families is on full display in this ridiculous video.

Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect the people of Florida every single day.  They deserve our gratitude and respect. But, instead, the Republican Party of Florida subjects them to insults and ridicule.
The "outrageous" video:

First, I think Florida's law enforcement officers can take a joke.  Second, the video is explicitly referring to insurance investigators, not local or state police.

Why, then, would Alex Sink publicize her outrage at this supposed attack on "law enforcement officers"?

Perhaps to distract from the elephant in the room?

The ad is an attack on Alex Sink, to be clear (watch it if you doubt).  And the missing element of Sink's reaction to the ad consists of her silence regarding the charge made against her (something about assault rifles).

What about the rifles?
Sink’s Department of Financial Services has purchased 182 assault rifles – costing $255,000, according to Sink’s office – in the last two years. Sink, the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate, says the rifles are necessary to protect fraud investigators, but the Legislature’s Republican budget writers argue the rifles are expensive and unnecessary. Typically, fraud investigators have carried pistols.
(Orlando Sentinel)
I've been mulling a post about Sink's plan for the Florida economy, and as part of that post I'd have been willing to allow that I knew of nothing to blemish her record in her current office.  This does look like a legitimate embarrassment, albeit a minor one.  I think the bigger issue is the childish reaction of the Sink campaign to a legitimately funny political ad that nobody but a Sink sycophant would find offensive.

Word to the Sink campaign:  The right reaction to this would have consisted of a straightforward explanation for the purchase of the rifles.  Add to that a statement to the effect that it speaks well of your candidacy that the Republicans bother to place focus on such a minor issue.

Too late now, though.  She looks like a whiny baby willing to make up ridiculous charges to distract attention from her questionable actions.  Add that to Sink's negatives related to her banking career and lucrative compensation package associated with that career and any of the Republican candidates look pretty good.

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