Friday, July 02, 2010

Megyn Kelly talks to J. Christian Adams (Updated with newer video)

Attorney J. Christian Adams left his job at the DOJ in protest of the decision to drop a case against uniformed New Black Panther Party members who stationed themselves in front of a polling station in Pennsylvania.

Part 1

Part 2.1

Part 2.2

Paging Robyn Blumner, Robyn Blumner the subject of your next editorial column is waiting.


Kelly updates the story with Adams' allegation that laws requiring states to cull ineligible voters from their rolls are going unenforced for political reasons:

Was this the flip side of the Bush administration's increased emphasis on voter fraud cases? I don't know the details enough to launch into judgment. Until I hear more I'll tend to give the Obama administration the benefit of the doubt.

If this aspect of the situation is reasonably comparable to the aforementioned emphasis on prosecution carried out by the Bush DOJ, then Adams' credibility will suffer. That would surprise me, as Adams has appeared extremely credible so far.

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