Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trusty "NewsTrust" rates PolitiFact

This is just too funny.

A website called "NewsTrust" purports to serve as a guide to good journalism.  Check it out:
NewsTrust helps people find good journalism online.  We rate the news on quality, not just popularity.
It's a grand mission they've set for themselves.

The site reviews a recent story about PolitiFact from the Huffington Post, written by Jaon Linkins.  The reviews don't so much rate the HuffPo story so much as they take hearty swings at PolitiFact.

Enjoy the hilarity of a deep quality assessment:
Linkins does fact checking on Politifact, and finds they are using their bias again to mis-interpret facts.

There's more!
Politifact is ran at the top by Republicans, and seem to force bias into their politically important analysis.
There you have it.

Ideas like NewsTrust have some merit.  People can use some help searching out epistemologically solid sourcing on their information.  The difficulty of assembling an appropriately qualified and sufficiently unbiased group accounts for the main pitfall.

And it's a big pitfall, if NewsTrust is any indication.

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