Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elizabeth Warren still pround of Native American heritage?

What "Native American heritage"?
“I am very proud of my Native American heritage, thank you,” said Warren when asked if she disapproved of the school counting her as a minority woman on the faculty. “These are my family stories ... This is our lives and I am very proud of that.”
The Democratic Party's candidate for the Massachusetts senate seat occupied by Scott Brown has failed to provide better proof of her supposed heritage than high cheekbones and family folklore.  Ron Paul might have passed himself off as the offspring of a visiting space alien based on that type of evidence.
The estimable William Jacobson has kept abreast of the story, including the way apparently false media reports (as in the Boston Globe) have helped Warren perpetuate the impression the she has a Native American heritage:
The Globe and the false report of a 1/32 Cherokee connection may have saved Warren’s campaign, as it came at a time when her campaign was in panic and without any evidence to substantiate her claim to Native American ancestry, which she used when a junior faculty member in a law school association directory to obtain “minority law teacher” status.

The false report bought Warren time during which various supportive pundits could opine about what it means to be Cherokee and how dare white people impose their own standards.

This mea culpa should be front page at The Globe.
Maybe The Globe is concerned about hurting Warren's chances in the election.

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