Friday, June 26, 2009

The British "Husky," from Navistar

I continue to search for evidence to confirm the idea that the Navistar MXT-based M-ATV uses a v-shaped hull to help protect the crew from IEDs.

As yet I've found nothing to settle the issue one way or another, but on the plus side some pics of the Navistar MXT that the Brits will call the "Husky" have come to light.

If the vehicle does not have a v-shaped hull, at least the wheel wells are relatively far away from the crew.

A little more on the Husky, though obviously it won't settle anything definitively:
Lt Col Nick Wills, Tactical Support Vehicle Programme Manager in Defence Equipment and Support's Protected Mobility Team, said that the design of the vehicle was based on "lessons from current operations." He did not specify the protection but it can be presumed that the capabilities are similar to the Mastiff and Ridgback armoured vehicles which are heavily armoured on all sides and have a v-shaped hull.
(bold emphasis added)
Can a vehicle have something "similar" to a v-shaped hull without having a v-shaped hull?

Time will tell whether the presumption is justified.

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