Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Hugh Hewitt mention on Keith Olbermann's show

Dean Barnett, who regularly posts on Hugh Hewitt's blog, also serves as a guest host on the Hugh Hewitt radio program.

Yesterday, Barnett took note of a mention of Hewitt by MSNBC's Bill O'Reilly wannabe Keith Olbermann.
Olbermann's closing segment has a countdown of the worst people in the world, and Republican Senator John Kyl attained the honor.

Read Barnett's commentary over at

One comment from yesterday's radio show didn't make it into Barnett's blog post, and maybe should have. Barnett and the Hugh Hewitt crew noted that Olbermann called Hewitt a "water carrier."
A water carrier for whom, they wondered? President Bush? Bush favors the immigration bill. John Kyl? Kyl favors the immigration bill.

Hugh Hewitt opposes the immigration bill.

In order to appear somewhat closer to coherent, shouldn't Olberman say whose water is being carried by Hewitt?

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