Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stalking PolitiFact

PolitiFact, that Pulitzer Prize-winning version of Media Matters, is advertising its Facebook page.

I'm there, or at least will be soon. The PolitiFact presence on Facebook will greatly facilitate my ability to shed light on their mistakes.

I've been over to inspect the site, which includes a discussion forum. The format is ungainly; I assume it is the standard issue for Facebook. But I did run across a hilarious argument--hypocrisy almost to the point of self-stultification, courtesy of Kate Whitaker. Whitaker was taking part in a discussion on Rush Limbaugh. She did some research and decided that Limbaugh is a racist. This left her in disagreement with another participant. But she wasn't willing to discuss the disagreement, using the following as her justification:
You strike me as someone who DOES make snap judgements and decides things based on gut feelings, instead of careful consideration of all facts.
Since Whitaker has reached the judgment that her opposite makes snap judgments and doesn't engage in careful consideration of the facts, there's no use discussing the facts. Silken irony, especially in consideration of the full context of the discussion.

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