Monday, October 27, 2008

And now a sentence from Shawn Macomber

One of Shawn Macomber's paragraph-length sentences appealed supremely to my taste for contrast.
Alas, the frantic haste with which Obama's supporters have sought to cast him as the Nanny State ├╝bermensch -- so flawless, so supremely well-equipped to seize the nation back from evil Republican mole-men that he can reduce upper middle class white women to tears faster than Oprah -- reveals a latent insecurity regarding the actuality of Obama and his qualifications, never mind the cognitive dissonance of trumpeting a candidate as preternaturally singular while simultaneously accusing anyone who dares question the transcendental specimen's Everyman status of xenophobia, of racism, of an invidious invocation of The Other.
(The American Spectator)
Indeed. Good work, Macomber.

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