Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wolcott censored?

Jim Romenesko of St. Petersburg's Poynter Institute wonders what happened to James Wolcott's blasting of Bernard Goldberg for supposed self-promotion in response to Tim Russert's tragic death.
Is Goldberg behind its disappearance? It'd be fun to know, considering Goldberg's endless preening on alleged media self-censorship and what he says is a lack of diversity of opinion.
It would also be fun to know if Wolcott self-censored in order to avoid having to deal with Chris Matthews' blatant self-promotion when he was interviewed by Keith Olbermann about his reaction to Russert's death (Russert was wrong about the Iraq war but I was right!).

Maybe somebody should ask.

I've sent the following query to Vanity Fair, which hosts Wolcott's blog:
The Poynter Institute's Jim Romenesko recently wondered online whether Bernard Goldberg had comments about him censored from James Wolcott's blog. Did Vanity Fair censor Wolcott or did Wolcott censor himself?
Meanwhile, that Romenesko entry looks pretty much like a short gossip column.

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