Monday, August 06, 2007

Musharraf offers baby-step toward compromise with Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto of the Pakistan People's Party wants the presidency separated from the military.

Bhutto was drawn back to the political stage by President and head of the military Pervez Musharraf. As I've noted in previous posts, Bhutti doesn't want to be played like a pawn, so she's trying to use what leverage she has to squeeze Musharraf out of the military.

Musharraf today stuck with his insistence that he will stand for re-election in uniform, and offered continued talks on the uniform/military issue after the elections.
“The talks on the uniform issue could be held after the holding of the forthcoming general elections,” he was quoted as saying.
(The News)

Is it much of a compromise? Probably not, from Bhutto's perspective. As dictator, Musharraf can change his mind on a dime, and Bhutto is a Musharraf's mercy in that respect.

The ball is in her court for now.

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