Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The MRAP lawsuit

The news isn't exactly fresh, but I've been interested in the Golan MRAP produced by Protected Vehicles, Inc. as well as other developments in military hardware and MRAPs in particular.

The head of Protected Vehicles was the former chief guy at Force Protection, so it's fairly easily to imagine how the ball got rolling on this one, regardless of the facts alleged in the case.

I stopped by PVI's Web site looking for Golan news and found the company's response to the lawsuit.
North Charleston, SC- Protected Vehicles, Inc. has been sued by Force Protection Industries, Inc. We consider the lawsuit frivolous and have hired the Hood Law Firm to defend this litigation. We deny any wrongdoing or misconduct and we look forward to vigorously defending the case and pursuing any claims that we may have against Force Protection and its management on account of their efforts to stifle lawful competition, vital to the war against terrorism.
(Protected Vehicles)
You've got to love the little dig at the end, where PVI suggests that the lawsuit is, in essence, unpatriotic.
I've got no dog in this fight (maybe that expression should be retired, what with the publicity that Michael Vick has received), but I find the arguments of lawyers fascinating. Despite whatever education they receive in logic, they tend to use whatever argument they think will help their case--even if it involves utilizing a logical fallacy.

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